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"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life."- Prince

Hi! Thanks for wanting to get to know more about me!


I am la kitsuné and welcome to my personal blog! This blog is my  passion project to speak about what I love, express my opinions and explore the culture around me. 

My life revolves around fashion, beauty, music, TV, movies, and food. I'm no expert, but I  am curious about anything and everything. As I learn about the latest cultural news and trends, I want to share it with you! 


Listen, we all know life can be hard, but it doesn't have to be! I'm always looking for things that make living a little bit easier, more comfortable and—most of all,— fun! I hope this blog brings you the same comfort and ease it brings me. 


As an Asian-Canadian woman, I only had a few representations of me in the media. So I also wanted to start this blog to shine a spotlight on Asian women and their work. I hope anyone that comes across my blog can also appreciate, support and be inspired by Asian art, culture and success.

I hope that through this blog, I can connect with people who share similar interests. If you relate to anything on my "digital diary", I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions—leave a comment and let's talk!

Thank you for visiting me today! I really appreciate your support! Please follow me on  social media for more updates. Join me as I navigate through this thing called life!

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